How to Cook in your London Flat with Roommates

 What other great way to bond with your flatmate in London than learning how to cook! Not only is cooking at home save you money, but there are only pros to learning the art of cooking a delicious meal! You’ll find the article quite helpful especially if you are a newbie to living on your own.  Cooking is quite simple and shouldn’t be a daunting task.  We understand that you’d rather drive to the local burger place and pick up something quick, but give it some time and patience and you will find that cooking is simple and fun! Check out these tips to making cooking fun with your flatmate!

  • Designate a cooking night

Pick a night of the week, or two even, to cook with your flatmate.  Create sign up sheets with meal ideas, ingredients needed, juices, dessert, etc.  Make it fun by taking a trip to the grocery store to buy the necessities.  While you’re at it pick up a movie rental. Dinner and movie anyone?

  • Keep it simple

If you’re new to cooking, start off with small and simple meals.  Think something like pasta and meatballs or chicken salad, easy and quick to make. You have to start off somewhere.  These meal recipes are easily found on the web.

  • Experiment!

Practice makes perfect.  There are dozens of ways to make a meal, try each one out and see what your taste buds enjoy.  From them on making that meal will come like second nature.

  • Know your measurements

Many meals come with specific measurements for ingredients that make or break your meal.  Make sure you use the correct amount, using measurement tools.  It is important to do so, after all you don’t want to ruin that delicious dish you worked ever so hard on.

Happy Cooking!