Ways to Save Money When Renting a Flat in London

flats in LondonThe cost of living an often be expensive especially if you are a student or working part time.  Creating a strategic budget guideline for yourself is an excellent way to stay on top of your expenses and know what you should and shouldn’t be spending money on.  However, there are items and bills that come along with your flat in London that are simply unavoidable such as water, electricity, food, toiletries, just to name a few.  Check out these tips to help keep your wallet happier.

  •  Unplug appliances that are unused

Even when turned off, appliances still use electricity even when they are turned off.  Your curling iron, laptop, or phone charger, don’t necessarily need to be plugged in all the time unless being used.  It may not seem a lot, but a little goes a long way

  • Forget the dishwasher and dryer!

Although convenient, dishwashers and dryers consume a lot of electricity. Cut back on the costs by air drying your dishes or hanging clothes to dry.

  • Hot weather could only spell more money

Having a nice cool ventilated home on a warm summer afternoon is quite nice however, running an air conditioner is a huge energy consumer, often adding hundreds of extra dollars to your monthly electricity bill.  Instead of cranking that air, keep your blinds or drapes closed to shield the warm sun from entering the room, this will keep the heat out.

Follow these simple steps and you can be sure to see a difference in your monthly expenses!