The London's foreign-born population

Latest figures from 2011 Census show there are 100 different spoken languages across the UK and of 56.1 million residents of England, 40% of people say English is not their mother tongue.

London has the greatest number of migrants among all regions, there are 2.8 million foreign-born people in 2012, 40% of Inner London’s population.

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  • 35.9% of people in London was born abroad and one in five have a main language which is not English.
  • 3.4% of the London population was born in India.
  • Immigrants from Poland are 1.7% of London inhabitants, followed by 1.6% of Bengals.

The number of people born outside the UK varies greatly by London boroughs. This map reveals the First Largest Immigrant Population by country of birth (2012) in London.

The London's foreign-born population