Cheat Sheet For Living In South London

South London

London has historically (and, at times, rather contentiously) been divided into different zones according to the London Plan. According to the latest revision in 2011, London is made up of 5 different zones – Central, East, West, North and South.

South London is typically associated with the ‘cockney’ accent, but there is far more to South Londoners than the burly, bald headed ‘hard-men’ they are often portrayed as in film. South London is a place of huge green open spaces and caters to both young and old. It is a place of diverse culture and an exceptionally large number of places to visit and things to do.

South London


Bromley: Bromley is the second most populated borough in London. It is a mix of urban and rural areas. Westerham Heights, located on it’s southern boundary, is the the highest area in London, at 245 meters.

Croydon: Croydon is one of the most significant business areas in Outer London. It is also a center of arts and culture and is home to the Crystal Palace Football Club stadium – Selhurst Park.

Kingston: Kingston is the oldest Royal Borough in London. Kingston is one of the most visited shopping areas outside the centre of London with a wide variety of shops. It is home to Chessington World of Adventures.

Merton: Merton is an ethnically diverse South London suburban area. It has been the home to the filming of much of the TV show, ‘The Bill’.

Sutton: Sutton has some of the best schools in the country and is one of the top performing school areas. It also has a very low level of crime, with a poll in 2014 showing that 97% of Sutton inhabitants felt safe in the area.

Wandsworth: Wandsworth is one of the more expensive areas of South London. It is home to two large, famous parks – Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common. It is also home to the world famous Battersea Power Station. It also includes the vibrant, young professionals area of Balham.

Typical Demographic: With North London becoming more and more expensive, students and young professionals are moving South of the River in droves, leading to many areas like Brixton and Camberwell becoming more youth oriented. The boroughs of Wandsworth, Kingston, and Sutton are traditionally excellent places for young families due to their suburban feel and good schools. In Wandsworth, the largest percentage of people not born in the UK are South African.

House Prices: Wandsworth, with an average house price of £462,500 is 44% above the London average (due to the premium cost of houses in Inner London). However, with Wandsworth excluded, the rest of South London is 11% below the London average (£ 322,000). It is also significantly cheaper to rent in South London (Wandsworth excluded) with an average rent for a two bedroom flat 20% below the London average (£1,375).

Green Spaces: In South London, the amount of Green Spaces available are fairly consistent with the rest of London average, with two notable exceptions. Wandsworth has 30% less than the Londonwide average, due to its Inner London location. Bromley is the area in London with the largest amount of Green, open spaces, with a boroughwide total of 58% – making it 51% above the London average.

Safety: Traditionally, South London is not considered to be a safe area, but with with the new boundaries, it has come significantly safer. It is, on average 25% safer than the rest of London, however, with Wandsworth (although it is still 12% lower than the average) again excluded, the average crime rate drops to 28% less than the London average – making it one of the safest areas to live in London.

Culture: There are a huge number of cultural activities in South London, from Local theatre and the arts to huge outdoor areas with excellent facilities.

Things To Do

Go To Chessington World Of Adventures: A huge theme park, will provide a day of fun for all the family.

Watch a Game of Football: With both Crystal Palace and Millwall Football Clubs being Located in South London, why not go and watch a game of football.

Go to the Theatre: There are many high profile theatres in South London, but there are also a large number of smaller community theatres. South London has been particularly adamant about continuing it’s art’s budget, so why not go and support a local theatrical production.

 Places to See

Battersea Power Station: Immortalized on the cover of the Pink Floyd album – ‘Animals’, Battersea Power Station is one of the most instantly recognisable and iconic London landmarks.

Crystal Palace Park: The park is a large open Victorian park. It has fantastic views from Norwood Ridge out into Central London. In 2013, a Chinese property developer drew up plans to create a replica of Queen Victoria’s, ‘Crystal Palace’ – so it is definitely a place to visit and keep an eye on!

Wandsworth Common: One of London’s beautiful parks, Wandsworth Common is home to a host of different facilities – from sports pitches to tennis courts and childrens play areas. It is also considered a place of natural beauty, and as such, some areas have protected wildlife status.