What makes up your credit score when applying to rent a flat or house?

Here are some proven tips to help you rent a flat or house with a good credit score.  

Your credit score is made up of: your name, past and present addresses, how much credit is available to you, how often you apply for credit, how timely your bill and loan payments are, how many individuals you are linked to financially, any past court judgments, bankruptcies or insolvencies, any store credit accounts you hold, CIFAS fraud, and how long your bank account has been open.

You can improve your credit score by:

Paying bills on time, meeting monthly minimum credit card payments, apply to be disassociated financially with another individual, and limit the amount of credit applications you make.

Make sure all information on your credit score report is correct. Inaccurate details can have a negative effect on your rating and it may prevent you from renting a flat. For a more in-depth look at credit scores, check out the Sainsbury’s Bank guide to managing and improving your credit score when applying to rent a flat.

Infographic made by Sainsburys bank.

A visual guide to credit score