London Council Tax Logic

    What Is The Logic Behind London Council Tax?

    [caption id="attachment_1380" align="alignnone" width="3508"] What Is The Logic Behind Council Tax?[/caption]

    The theory seems to be that moving into a cheaper area of London means both cheaper properties and a lower rate of council tax. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out quite how many assume it will. When faced with the cut wrenching truth that the lowest rate o [...]

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    Cheat Sheet For Living In West London

    Living in West London:

    London has historically (and, at times, rather contentiously) been divided into different zones according to the London Plan. According to the latest revision in 2011, London is make up of 5 different zones - Central, North, South, East and West.

    West London is a more sub [...]

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    11 Tips To Protect Your Rental Deposit


    As the rental market in London continues to increase, so do the number of rental properties and landlords. While the overwhelming majority of landlords will be fair and kind and professional with their tenants with regard to their rental deposit, a small minority may be significantly less so.  

    With this in mind, we have [...]

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    relocation services

    Find The Best House Removals Company

    House removals are said to be one of the 3 most stressful situations in life. Divorce is said to top that list. There are no statistics which directly link those two together, but if there were, they may well tell a rather distressing story.

    You could choose to pack up and move out yourself. In leaving a four bedroom home, between [...]

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    Friends and flatmates

    Piso Compartido vs Residencia Universitaria – La Batalla Londinense

    Hace ya tiempo que las residencias universitarias se convirtieron en la primera, y casi automática, opción para muchos de los estudiantes de primer curso. Alquilar pisos en Londres no entraba en los planes de casi nadie. Hasta entonces no había discusión. Es ahora cuando la batalla está empezando. El alojamiento privado no se ha rendido y mucho menos ha aceptad [...]

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    house share for young professionals

    8 Landlord Tips For The Perfect House Share

    With the housing market in London booming at the moment, more and more people are looking to rent a flat in London. This is very good news for buy-to-let landlords as this increase in demand can drive up house share rental prices and provide a consistent and lucrative return on investment.

    Typically, people looking to rent flats in London are young professionals. Yo [...]

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    Flatshare London

    Flatshare London vs Uni Halls – The Battle Royale

    For many years, university halls have been the automatic choice for many first year students. They’re the hard hitters. The heavyweights. Renting a flatshare London hasn’t even been in the picture. Private student accommodation is the underdog. Written off before the fight has even begun.

    But the fight is happening - all over [...]

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    cleaning service

    How Clearance Services Can Make Life Easier

    Even though many people could benefit hugely from the help of professional clearance services, it is still a service which very few people understand. With the ability to help you clear out space in almost any environment, the service is ideal for those who value their time and their effort and can do a great deal to help out in almost any situation. When it comes t [...]

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