Areas of London

    Knowing Your London Areas

    London, as is typical of old cities which have grown up over time, is a great sprawling mess. Devoid of the rigid highway system of a more modern city such as Los Angeles, or the rigidly planned and structured New York City, London stands alone.

    Huge efforts have been made to try and define Lon [...]

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    Tenants Rights To Rent A Flat

    In 2014, around 670,000 London households are currently renting in the private sector. Only 51.1% of people own their own home. As the property market continues to rise, so too will the number of people wishing to rent a flat in London. It is, therefore, more important than ever for renters to be able to protect themselves against [...]

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    Is it time to move out?

    You’ve finally finished your degree at university and the only choice you have left is to go back home, it’s time to move out and find a job. But there’s just one slight problem…you can’t go back to living at home and scrounging from your parents.

    The last time you were at home was 3 years ago; right after you finished y [...]

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    London East

    Cheat Sheet To Living In East London

    London has historically (and, at times, rather contentiously) been divided into different zones according to the London Plan. According to the latest revision in 2011, London is made up of 5 different zones - Central, East, West, North and South.

    East London is famed for it’s artistic culture, and has recently been the main focu [...]

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    What Would a Perfect London Look Like?

      “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”  ~ Aristotle It’s a cold Monday morning, mid-January. The tube is late and the person standing next to you on the platform is playing music aloud from his phone. You want tell him to stop but you won’t. That’s not the London way.

    Happiness is rarely something associated with big urban cities. It’s something general [...]

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    Pisos en Londres – Protección de la fianza

    A medida que el mercado que rodea el alquiler de pisos en Londres sigue aumentando, también lo hacen el número de propiedades para alquilar y los propietarios. Si bien la gran mayoría de los propietarios será justo, amable y profesional con sus inquilinos respecto a su fianza, una pequeña minoría puede serlo menos. Con esto en mente, hemos decidido proporcion [...]

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    Estudiantes en Londres: como ahorrarte el Council tax

    El council tax es ese famoso pago que nos toca hacer a todos una vez al año que cubre los gastos de los servicios en nuestro barrio de Londres: basuras, limpieza, policía… El Council Tax depende de donde vivamos y puede llegar a ser un gasto de aproximadamente entre £800 y £2000 anualmente.  El Council Tax es un impuesto obligatorio, excepto ciertos estudian [...]

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