7 Tips For Flatsharers

1) If you’re going away for more than a few days over winter, turn the water off or keep the heating on in the property to prevent pipes from freezing.

2) Check the condition of the locks on doors and windows, and ask the landlord to repair/replace any damaged/broken ones as burglaries increase during the winter months.

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Suggestions for Improving Your Extra Room for Prospective Flatmates

Flatshare to rent with breakfast included - sounds like a tempting offer for a prospective flatmate. Don't think your spare room is going to turn into a bed and breakfast lodgings, you have to think of renting out your spare room as a medium to long term proposition. This is completely different than putting someone up for a few days and feeding them. Your spare roo [...]

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What to look for a potential flatmate or roommate

Roommates or flatmates have many benefits, especially for singles and students. It is common for singles and students to get together and rent a shared property. However, there are many other situations where you may own a house, have a spare room which can be rented out to somebody else. This is a basic requirement needed for the opportunity to get a roommate.


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